Manual Matt Cooper - 1948 (Five Matt Cooper Short Stories)

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Video: Botany Village staple since , Johnny's is closing. Crime: Suspect steals car from teens in Clifton at gunpoint, eludes police.

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Most of them said they walked or used public transportation to get around. Cars generally came in two colors, black and brown, and all had a rumble seat. In , as they were busy with senior year activities, TV sales took off and many families bought one. Even though most of the classmates had TVs in their homes, they did not spend much time watching. The local Catholic churches sponsored most of the dances. She didn't take the ride, suspicious of his motives, but said he "had a great voice.

That was it. From time to time the students would cut school to go into Manhattan, where Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin performed. The hours after school, they recalled, were glorious. Parents didn't hover and only wanted them home in time for dinner, they said. Rutt's' biggest rival back then was Donohue's, they said. Two years after graduation, on June 25, , the Korean War began. The words fade into an opening majestic scene of a wagon train passing through a large prairied valley, heading west from right to left across the screen in to California.

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One of the wagons pulls out of the wagon train line. Dunson informs the wagonmaster Colonel Lane Chandler that he has decided to leave the pioneer wagon train honorably , because he never signed an oath to finish the journey to the west coast. The two had not officially signed on at the start of the trip, but joined on the trail outside St. I signed nothing. If I had, I'd stay. You'll remember I joined your train after you left St.

Even though they are in the midst of hostile Comanche Indian country "They're around somewhere - I can feel 'em," says the wagonmaster , Dunson intends to head South toward cattle-friendly Texas and the Red River to start his own cattle herd with a bull and cows:. I'm startin' my own herd. I've watched the land south of here since we left the Salt Fork. It's good land, good grass for beef, so I'm goin' South where it is. Serving as an interpreter, Groot knows how determined and single-minded Dunson is:. If I was you, Colonel, I'd ponder on lettin' him be.

He's a mighty set man when his mind's made up. Even you can't change him.

Now he'll be headin' South. Mind he don't stomp on you on the way out. Groot is Dunson's steadfast friend - succinctly but incompletely stated:. By leaving, Tom has decided to abandon his young, pretty sweetheart Fen Coleen Gray with plans to send for her later. Before they part, Fen begs Tom to let her come along so she won't be deserted: "I know you have work to do, Tom, but I want to be part of it.

I love you.

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I want to be with you. Fen: Please take me with you. I'm strong. I can stand anything you can. Tom: It's too much for a woman. Fen: Too much for a woman? Put your arms around me, Tom. They hug and kiss each other. Hold me. Feel me in your arms. Do I feel weak, Tom? I don't, do I?

Oh, you'll need me. You'll need a woman. You need what a woman can give you to do what you have to do. Oh listen to me, Tom.

Matt Cooper - 1948: Five Matt Cooper Short Stories (Unabridged)

Listen with your head and your heart too. The sun only shines half the time, Tom. The other half is night. Tom: I've made up my mind.

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Fen: Oh change your mind, Tom. Just once in your life change your mind. Tom: I'll send for ya. Will ya come?

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Fen: Of course I'll come. But you're wrong. Even though she judges him to be "wrong" and believes he is making a serious mistake by leaving her behind, she agrees to join him later on when he is settled in Texas. As a parting gift and token of his sincerity, he offers her his mother's coiled snake bracelet [a symbol of female domesticity] and places it on her wrist.

When they kiss one last time, she begs for him to go quickly:. Go, please. If you're going to go, please go now.

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I want to be with you so much. My knees feel like In the middle of the sprawling prairie, in one of the film's great visuals, she watches and waves after them as they turn away and ride off from the rest of the wagon train. Their wagon soon reaches the northern bank of the Red River - across which is Texas. The second instance comes later in the film, when the cattle are herded across during the drive.

It is a sign that a group of hostile Indians have attacked and slain the pioneers, thereby shedding their blood.

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The sound of Indian drums confirms their first reaction. Groot is frustrated by the unseen attack:. Dunson is resigned to stay where they are, thinking it useless to turn back: "it would take us hours to get back there.